WhatsApp Web provides you with the service of sending and receiving online WhatsApp? messages on your desktop PC or tablet. WebWhatsapp? is a web browser-based PC version of Whatsapp Messenger. It is used for messaging and file sharing on Pc like mobile Whatsapp. This is a product of Whatsapp. In this WebWhatsapp?, you can access your mobile WhatsApp? account on your PC or laptop within a second. In this, you do not need to create separate accounts.

The function ofWebWhatsappis similar to the Whatsapp app available on your mobile phone and you can send and receive messages and files instantly through WebWhatsapp?. All the messages in your Whatsapp account are fully synced with it and you can see all the messages on both devices (PC and mobile). Any message sent by you through the will also be available on the Whatsapp app on your mobile phone. You can use the WhatsAppWeb on all Web browsers and devices.

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