Add fresh water to the fresh water that has been adjusted to the temperature of the aquarium. Thermometer is a thermometer. Adjusting the water to the specified temperature is an important element to keeping fish healthy. Remember that warm water is too hot for most fish.

If you use cork Water must be removed to remove heavy metals and other toxins. The fish can not digest. The easiest way is to plan ahead. The old bottle is ideal for use. Fill water and leave it at least one day. The chlorine evaporates and the water is at room temperature. If you rush to drop Decleor, it will be available. Make sure the water temperature does not change. If the temperature changes, it can cause death.

If nitrate is too high. You can change the water by mixing the distilled water in a ratio of 50% to 75% (it is not recommended as normal, because it is free from nutrients to fish to suck) or may use bottled mineral water for water. (Without the condition), because this water has a good mineral. Useful for fish.

Consider adding salt water to the re-watered water. Many types of fish (such as spiny fish or guppy fish) are stronger and longer. Freshwater aquarium fish also protects against diseases like white spot disease. (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis)

Wait for a few hours until the turbid sediment is dissolved until the water is clear. The mother will have a solution that makes the crystal clear. Do not try to buy it. If water still cloudy does not stop. It is because there are still problems, and those substances are there to drown (not solve) those problems. Remember that fish need space between the water and the top of the cabinet. So it will have to exchange oxygen with enough carbon dioxide to breathe. And it can stretch the fins of the body comfortably.

Clean the outside of the cabinet. Wipe the outside of the glass, the fire hose, and the ammonia spray cover from the general cleaning solution to harm the fish. Only use solutions designed for use with fish tanks. If you choose to mix it yourself. Can use a solution from vinegar.

Change the filter about once a month. The carbon contained within the filter can harm the fish if it is not changed. The filter is not good bacteria live a lot. Most will live by gravel. So changing it does not affect biological filtration. The filter can be washed every week when the water is taken, if it looks dirty. But you would not want to destroy the biological filtration of bacteria inside the filter. But the filter can not replace the replacement. You also have to change it every month.

Prepare the cleaning equipment. Saltwater aquariums require special equipment in addition to the equipment you use with a freshwater aquarium. Collect the following equipment:

The water that is properly prepared in the quantity that you think will be replaced.

Moss scrub for mirroring inside the cabinet.

A large tank (5 gallons or 10 liters or more) is used for this purpose.

Vacuum Tube Siphon Vacuum Cleaner (Do not use the battery)

Filters (cartridges, sponge pads, carbon bags or any other type) If this time you need to change the filter.

Safety Glass Cleaner for Aquarium or Vinegar Remover

Salt mix

PH meter

Salt Meter Moisture Meter Probe and salinity


10% bleach in a separate box (optional)

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